Silvio started stepping up his career-ladder from assistant to cinematographer by aiding many elite directors of photography. One of them Sven Nykvist, who was the cinematographer of the famous swedish director Ingmar Bergman.

In 2001 he immigrated to the US after he was hired for a series of tv documentaries and commercials. Many producers appreciated the look of his photography which gave Silvio the opportunity to work on 5 features.

Silvio's goal is always to create an unique visual concept for every story he calls Visiograph. It is a written treatment including his developed E.L.S., Emotion Light Scale.

The base of his philosophy is simplicity.
To eliminate a mass of unneeded technical applications by reducing the equipment to the necessary. What it takes is a good script and a well functioning crew like a family.

Every genre calls for its own light. Cinematography is the visual, unobtrusive art of transporting the viewer into a story by duplicating the authors vision and writing the essence of the emotions with light on film.